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We regularly organize screenings at our Studio and other venues, both showing our own and others' films made by or on youth. The screenings are friendly events allowing people to mingle, discuss, have a drink and get to know people's stories from different regions of the world.




21.04-06.05.2018 JEAN ROUCH: The First Hong Kong Retrospective:


With a repertoire of over a hundred films, Jean Rouch is considered as the main pioneer of visual anthropology and the father of ethno-fiction, combining the art of filmmaking with the science of anthropology. For the first time in Hong Kong, THY LAB presents his films in a complete retrospective.

Moi, un Noir (Rouch, 1959)

La Pyramide Humaine (Rouch, 1961)

Chronique d'un été (Rouch, 1961)

Jaguar (Rouch, 1967)

Petit à petit (Rouch, 1969)

Cocorico Monsieur Poulet (Rouch, 1975)

Jean Rouch – An African Filmmaker (Diabaté, 2018)

Brise Glace (Rouch, Ruiz, Tornroth, 1987)

27-31.03.2018 WU –Film
World Premiere:


Wu is the awareness of a state of continuous transition towards unstable systems: a dreamlike condensation of the complexity, which fits more, we believe, the narrative about the way historical events intertwine with one another, rather than the facts described by the written history in a unidirectional way.

23.01-13.02.2018 Wild Wonder Women: 


In partnership with China Women's Film Festival, Wild Wonder Woman explores the rise of feminism and the destruction of gender stereotypes in the films of the 1970s. Each heroine in the four films prove that women are strong, breaking free from their patriarchal societies

Coffy (Hill, 1973)

Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs (Noda, 1974)

Being Twenty (Di Leo, 1978)

W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism (Makavejev, 1971)

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